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We believe there is a significant gap between two areas of capital raise. On the lower end, we have current small enterprise banking, friends and family investment, and crowdfunding which focus on capital raise typically under €1.5 million. On the high end, large scale project financing, investments by existing listed funds, wealth managers and exchange listings focus on capital raise above and beyond €10 million.

Many small to mid cap companies, especially in our region, lack development capital for projects between €1.5 to €10 million. The gap in Europe is poorly addressed by the stock-picking attitude and herd behaviour of venture capital. Smaller offerings are too expensive, volume constrained, and time consuming to raise, thus deferring projects and suppressing innovation therein; larger ones are equally time-consuming due to an oligopoly of takers or investors, high cost, documentation, and regulatory barriers becoming more and more bureaucratic in the wake of ever more specific, post oversight EU directives.

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We believe the Gap can be closed by lifting restraints  through market forces. This is achieved by providing direct, cost effective access to projects with real value and their developers. Tokenisation of hard assets by employing the benefits of the blockchain allows fragmented ownership or participations in future development gains, bringing fresh liquidity, market pricing, and momentum into an underserved segment. Making the tokenisation compliant with regulation and creating a new market segment ultimately allows blockchain innovations to match tokens with real assets.
This is what HanseCoin does. We have structured a viable tokenisation approach and are building the Asset Backed Tokenisation (ABT) platform to close this Gap. Our team knows and develops assets, and we understand financial markets and structuring. Blockchain is becoming a viable means to an end. In close collaboration with our regulated crypto exchange partner, CoinMetro, we are building the software and infrastructure platform which will then tokenise the first Use Case, a midsize real estate development.

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